Delivery areas and prices of delivery

General Terms and Conditions

MARKETING ADMINISTRATOR: Oy Kukkien Datavälitys DF Ltd, Takalankuja 15, 00730 Helsinki, tel 020-360 210,  Business ID 0686978-6

MARKETING NAME: DataFlora, DF Kukkavälitys

These terms and conditions applies to all sales forwarded to customers regardless of the way of ordering. Orders can be made via phone, internet, e-mail or on the store.

SHIPPING – All flower deliveries occur through selected Datafora-merchants. When ordering from, the customer can choose the delivery store. DataFlora may change the supplying business for a valid reason without prior notice. Supplier is usually located on the same locality than the recipient. Shipping will be charged according to the price list. Shipping price varies by location, usually the price is 7 – 20 €. DataFlora reserves the right to cancel the order, if the recipient is far away from the nearest store, and the shipping price paid by customer is not enough for covering the costs of the shipping. In this case, the price paid will be refunded to the customer.
There is location specific differences within the time limits depending on a locality.
DataFlora depends on the capacity of the florists at the place of delivery. The delivery and pricing system is based on Postal Codes. Some zip code areas are so large that the shipping time or price may need to be changed.PRODUCT CATALOG – The product range on the website is an exemplary. Every product is always handmade after the order is made, and there is no stock. The looks and contents of the product differs because the seasonal flower range varies a lot. The shipping merchant always attempts to prepare the ordered products as they are in the product images. If the ordered product / flower is out of stock, it will be replaced by other similar priced product automatically.Please notice that the product might be replaced with similar priced other product, also the amount of flowers may vary based on local or seasonal price levels.

SHIPPING TIME – On weekdays, the orders before 4 pm (16:00) will be delivered on the same day. During weekends the time limit for the same day deliveries is 3 pm (15:00).Saturday and Sunday deliveries outside the Helsinki region has to be ordered Saturday before 1pm (13:00). The Sunday delivery is not possible to everywhere and in this case the flowers will be delivered on Saturday. During afternoon, weekends, holiday/festival days or to consumer addresses (meaning not companies) we can’t promise exact delivery time. To special occasions, like funerals, we deliver flowers by prior appointment and exact time as wished. Delivery time can not be confirmed. Consideration is given to wishes concerning to delivery time. We can’t guarantee delivery time on special holidays like christmas, mother’s day, valentine’s day, graduation day, women’s day. Deliveries may be splitted to earlier days also, and time limits can’t be necessarily followed. Shipping merchant can call the recipient to agree the delivery time, this happens usually when the address is far away from the shipping merchant. Thought there is not obligation to call the customer if it is not paid for it. Orders made before deadline are delivered during the celebration day at the latest. Orders received after deadline will be delivered on next weekday or immediately when it is possible. The delivery time deadlines vary by location, and times as told before are not valid to every localities. Specific time limits you will know by calling to our office. We only deliver products which are payed.


The delivery date calendar shown on our website is indicative. We cannot always guarantee delivery to all of Finland or all countries on the selected day. If the order arrives in good time, the delivery may be delivered in advance. Correspondingly, if the order arrives late, e.g. the day before or the same day, the delivery is moved to the next possible delivery day. We will inform you about changes to the delivery date as soon as we receive information from our local partner. However, such cases are very rare and you can generally rely on the delivery date calendar. Our delivery reliability is 97%.

PRODUCT RANGE – The product range shown on the pages is exemplary. All products are always made to order and are not ready in stock. There are differences in the appearance and content of the products as the local selection can vary greatly. The supplying merchant always strives to manufacture the ordered products in accordance with the product images. If a similar product is not in stock, the product will be automatically replaced with another product with a similar price. Please note that the product may be replaced by a similar product, the number of flowers may vary depending on the local / seasonal price level. Not all localities in Finland have any flower shops at all, or the selection of flower shops may be very small and seasonal. The only shop in the area may be completely closed due to holidays, for example. If the order has to be canceled for this reason, we will refund the payment made in full. To ensure the best availability, you should place your order well in advance, even a week in advance.

ALLERGIES AND SENSITIVITY TO ODOR  – Most flowers smell and touching the flowers may cause allergic reactions in the most sensitive people. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, you should notify us in the Shopping Cart’s message field, eg not fragrant, so that the operating business knows to take this into making products.

INFORMATION GIVEN AND INDEMNITY – Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information. Oy Kukkien Datavälitys DF ltd is not responsible for the damages due to incorrect information given, e.g. addresses, door codes, inadequate or incorrect phone numbers. If the product can not be delivered due to incorrect information, Oy Kukkien Datavälitys DF ltd will not refund the price of the product or delivery to customer, or refund the damage happened to customer or third party. Oy Kukkien Datavälitys DF ltd or DataFlora merchant are not responsible for consequential losses. Oy Kukkien Datavälitys DF ltd and delivering DataFlora merchant have the right to refuse to receive the order without the phone number. Entering the wrong zip code will redirect the flower delivery to the wrong location. The resulting costs will be additionally invoiced or deducted from the amount of the order to be canceled.

ORDERS AND PAYMENTS – The customer information is confidential and will not be provided forward. The order confirmation will automatically be delivered to e’mail address given when the order is made. When using Paypal, the system only gives payment confirmation. When ordering via internet / online store, the order is not valid until the whole price is paid. When billing is used, all earlier bills has to be paid before new shipping.

RECIPIENT IS NOT AVAILABLE – If the recipient is not available / can not be reached when the flowers are delivered, he/she is tried to reach by a call or text message. Flowers are usually left on the door or to the neighbour.If the customer has given authorization to leave flowers on the door, the customer is responsible for costs caused by the loss. If the weather is too cold, flowers can not be left on the door. In this case the deliver returns to merchant. When ordering deliver, the customer pays only for one delivery – the flowers are delivered only once with one payment. If the recipient is not reached due to incorrect information, the shipping merchant can ask the recipient to pick the flowers from the store. The shipping merchant can also contact the customer or recipient to agree next/new delivery. New delivery is chargeable. Kuljetusmaksu ei sisällä puheluja tai asiakaskontaktointeja vastaanottavaan asiakkaaseen. Shipping merchant is not responsible for investigating the availability of the recipient in advance,  when delivering the flowers. If the customers wants that the customer is called before/ investigation is made, it is and extra service and chargeable. Recommended price is 10 €. Changing the delivery date does not entitle you to a refund or a price reduction.

DELIVERIES TO HOTELS, HOSPITALS AND CARE FACILITIES – DataFlora Flower Delivery is responsible for delivering flowers to the reception of a hotel or care facility. For privacy reasons, we do not have access to residents’ rooms. The rooms are also not accessible, even if the information is on request, as the doors of the hotel corridors only open with key cards. DataFlora will deliver the flowers to the reception based on the information received from the customer and will ask the reception to deliver the flowers to their destination. This often causes delays in delivery times and DataFlora flower delivery is not responsible for the delivery of flowers to the room. The subscriber can notify the recipient directly of the incoming shipment to ensure the delivery of the flowers.

VISA, VISA ELECTRON AND MASTERCARD PAYMENTS – If you want to pay with Visa, Visa Electron or Mastercard, Oy Kukkien Datavälitys DF ltd is only the marketer of products and services, and it or its subconstractor delivers products to the customer. Claims are prosessed by Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy. Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy is a seller when Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard is used as a payment method, and the trading deal is made between the customer and Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy. The seller is responsible for all obligations related to trade. Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy is also the receiver of the payment. Suomen Verkkomaksut Oy,  Business ID : 2122839-7, Ohjelmakaari 10, 40500 JYVÄSKYLÄ, Finland. Phone: 0207 181830

GUARANTEE – The freshness guarantee is given for the flowers. If the quality is not as expected, the claim has to be made immediately after the delivery. Because flowers are living material, the late claims can not be accepted. Possible notifications concerning to the quality of product or the delivery has to be informed to the shipping merchant or to DataFlora 020360210. If there is a quality problem caused by the manufacturer/ merchant, new flowers will be delivered without charge. The supplier will take earlier product back. If the recipient will not give faulty product back, DataFlora or its merchant is not responsible for delivering new flowers, because the quality faulty can not be proved.

CANCELLING THE ORDER AND REFUNDS – If you have placed and order, and for some reason you want to cancel it you can made it 24 hours, and the cancellations costs 8 euros. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before will costs the reals costs, usually the whole paid amount. Payment refunds are processed with the same method as paid. Credit card payments are  refund to credit card, bank payments to bank account etc. Products are always prepared when the order is made and in accordance to the wishes, and products can’t be sold forward to new customer without significant losses, therefore products don’t have the return right proven by consumer legislation.