Overseas deliveries.

You can place orders abroad via the website in the same way as in Finland.

We deliver flowers to over 100 countries. DataFlora is a partner in Teleflor International Ltd, one of the world’s largest florists chain.
Flower deliveries to several countries are possible even for the same day. Please note local times if you want your order to arrive on the same day. Many countries are very large and some of the products require production time, so it is always a good idea to order flowers well in advance. With regard to the delivery date, it is worth taking a couple of days in advance if the flower needs to be received by a certain date.

Bouquets are always made according to local customs and styles. In many countries, the floral style is very different from Finland. All products selected from the online store are for reference only and will need to be changed frequently. The description of the product you have selected will be translated into English by us and forwarded as such to the country of delivery. However, the final product may often differ from the selected product, for a number of reasons. This is a fresh product and therefore there are big differences in the selections in different countries. The shade of blue familiar to us Finns often causes difficulties in many countries and is most often replaced by purple.

How you make an order

  1. Choose the product you like
  2. Select a card, and enter the card text.
    The card text can be in Finnish or in your preferred language. Note that the use of Scandinavian letters is not conveyed to all countries as such, but is replaced by ae and oe combinations.
  3. Move it to the cart and go to checkout
  4. Enter your own contact information
  5. Enter the recipient’s information in case of a flower order for the funeral, enter the name of the chapel and the name of the relative in the fields. International orders cannot be forwarded without the recipient’s phone number.
  6. Select the delivery country from the drop-down menu.
    After selecting the country, the delivery date and the Shipping Price menu will be loaded in the “Your Order” section. If the price is not displayed for the day, there are no deliveries in the selected country on that day of the week (eg on Sundays). If the entire delivery date menu is empty, you should call our office, and we will ensure that the delivery to that country is successful. Deliveries are not possible to countries at war or in instability. The shipping price includes all shipping and handling costs to the address of your choice.
  7. Fill in the comments of the order in free form. For example, if you are ordering flowers for a funeral, you can fill in this field with the necessary information, for example, who the funeral is about and when the blessing will be held.
  8. Pay for the order with the payment method of your choice.
  9. After this, the order will be forwarded to our Helsinki office, we will review the order and ensure that the delivery is successful.
  10. We will contact you by email or phone if we find any gaps in your information or have any questions.